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What are polished concrete floors?

Essentially, polished concrete floors are exactly that: concrete floors that have been polished. A previously plain concrete surface is ground (or “cut”) with planetary grinding machines, starting with a fairly coarse diamond cutting process, and then ground and re-ground with increasingly finer diamonds until the surface has become completely smooth.

The finer the grinding, the smoother the finish, until it reaches a “polished” condition.

Polished concrete floors are predominantly used in commercial settings. For instance, next time you’re in a store like Lowes or Home Depot, you will notice how their floors are polished concrete.

The benefits of polished concrete floors are: they’re easier to clean, and they remove potentially dangerous trip hazards.

Polished concrete floors are now being installed in more and more residential locations. Obviously, garages and basements are the most common places for polished concrete but, we are seeing more contemporary homes having polished concrete floors in general living spaces such as living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

Once the concrete floor has been polished, it is perfect for staining or branding with logos or whaever suits the location.

Concrete floor midway through polishing process
Here is a concrete floor part way through the polishing process. The center strip is polished. Either side has yet to be poilshed,

Concrete Floor Polishing

Polished Concrete Living Room Floor

If no color or “design” is required, then this ultra-smooth finish is ideal for floors in basements, office spaces, lobbies, garages, absolutely any interior concrete. That said, color can be applied to the surface, if required.

Polished concrete floors undergo a multiple-step process. The concrete floor is required to be mechanically ground, honed and then polished with bonded abrasives. These steps cut the concrete floor’s surface. Each subsequent “cut” further refines the surface in order to achieve a specified level of appearance.

A penetrant called densifier is applied, which hardens the concrete and creates a dust-proof surface.

After the required level of gloss is achieved, a stain resistant sealer is applied to penetrate the surface which is then burnished.

If the customer has decided to go with a color for their polished concrete floors, dyes can be applied during the polishing process. Using stencils and colors, it is possible to add any pattern or design that suits the location.

Polished concrete floors are an extremely hardwearing and durable flooring solution, requiring very minimal maintenance.

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